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Our Values

Customer satisfaction
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My Story

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I was always tinkering and building things. I had a passion for cars, woodworking, engineering, and spent a lot of time in my garage working on whatever random project I came up with.

After high school I earned a degree in auto mechanics and worked in a shop for a few years. While working as a mechanic I found that I enjoyed the work, but felt unchallenged. So, I decided to go back to school and I earned a degree in Technology Education from Millersville University in Lancaster, PA.

After college I was hired to teach at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia. At TJ I taught engineering, robotics, electronics, CAD, woodworking, and design. During summers and breaks I ran my handyman business, focusing on custom works.

I have decided to pursue designing and building full time. I love the design process and helping people create something catered to their ideas. I live in the details and enjoy being challenged. With my passion for technology and innovation, I seek to integrate emerging technology into my designs which sets me apart.

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